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Oil and Gas Postings “OGP” serves our clients by facilitating all aspects of the acquisition and divestiture process by providing personalized services as required. We manage everything from contracts, due diligence, advisory, geological, geophysical, geochemical, geotechnical, land, title, regulatory, etc. We are a full service acquisitions and divestitures firm. We are always working to provide you with the most recent and accurate inventory of production, prospects, drilling ventures, investment opportunities, land, minerals, overrides, royalties, etc.) We are growing fast, by managing our client-base, marketing our assets and engaging our customer relationships, we are able to match buyers and sellers based on their specific requests.

We manage prospects, production and investment opportunities with while utilizing discretion and confidentiality, where applicable. Our operational and technical executives are continuously promoting our listings with investors who are buying and selling oil and gas properties and assets.

Buyers are given the opportunity to review our listing details and select assets and investments which best suit their goals. Sellers are given the option to place their assets and investments on our listing service platform. Sellers can be assured that we are continuously promoting their properties on a daily basis through our various marketing channels.

The assets listed below represent our most recent properties.

Pickens Field Drilling Prospects

Active Listing
$4,800,000 - Prospect / Non-Producing Property

The Pickens Field Drilling Prospects are 3 oil prospects, located in Yazoo…

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7700 Depth Range 5 Wells600 Gross AcreageN/A BOPD Formation: Cretaceous, Tuscaloosa

STACK Minerals

McClain County Oklahoma
Active Listing
$4,230,000 - Minerals

We’ve got 705 nmas in the Stack in Oklahoma for sale. Mostly leased.…

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N/A Depth Range 0 No. of Wells705 Gross AcreageN/A BOPD Formation: N/A

Minerals for Sale, Texas

Reeves & Pecos County, Texas
Active Listing
$3,089,205 - Minerals

1. Reeves County ONLY: Reeves County minerals that are available. 294.21 NMA’s…

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N/A Depth Range 0 No. of Wells1100 Gross AcreageN/A BOPD Formation: N/A

The Robinson Prospect

Robinson Prospect
Active Listing
$3,000,000 - Prospect / Non-Producing Property

Black Gold Industries, LLC (the “Company”), a Texas corporation, is offering for…

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8900 Depth Range 1 No. of Wells81 Gross AcreageN/A BOPD Formation: Cotton Valley, Travis Peak
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