About Us

“We provide a clear, user-friendly platform to list or find oil and gas assets/prospects for sale, backed by superior technology and experienced advisory support services.”

Oil and Gas Postings (oilandgaspostings.com) offers a unique emphasis on technology, advisory and support services for the energy business. Our free registered listing service provides a liquid marketplace for the facilitation of privately negotiated and secure oil and gas transactions. Our listings cover producing working interests (operated and non-operated) and non-producing leasehold oil and gas assets/prospects. We supply premium products and services to the industry, as well as our free listing service for registered customers, and strive to be a critical part of your success.

Oil and Gas Postings also offers data management solutions, IT cluster support, project management of well data reprocessing, certifications and various geological and geophysical services.

Oil and Gas Postings has strategic partnerships to assist in driving the divestiture process. Our experienced business partners provide the skills and experience for the full scale, end to end transaction negotiation process. Please visit our “Learn More” tab in the header menu for a complete description of our products and services.

The staff at Oil and Gas Postings has over 30 years of expertise in the energy business. Our practitioners are active in oil and gas technology, geological and geophysical work, data processing, acquisition and divestiture, exploration, production, advisory services, and more. Oil and Gas Postings has professionals located in the USA. For specific questions, please email us at admin@oilandgaspostings.com.