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Negotiation Process – Private, Confidential and Secure
The negotiation process between Buyers and Sellers is private, confidential and secure. Oil and Gas Postings acts only as a facilitator between the two parties. When a Buyer is interested in a particular property, the Buyer selects “Contact Us” from the header menu, fills out the pertinent details, references the property/asset identification number (e.g. OGP_01), and sends this message to A Business Development Representative will contact the Seller associated with this asset and provide the Buyer information to the Seller. Once the Buyer and Seller agree on interests, the Seller’s contact information will be provided to the Buyer by the Oil and Gas Postings Administrator. Subsequently, Oil and Gas Postings will initiate an engagement contract once all parties have been identified. Once an engagement contract has been signed by both parties the execution phase will begin, from data collection to transaction closing.

Login and Registration – Free
In order to list or view a property/asset, both Buyers and Sellers must first register on Select “Login/Register” located in the header menu in the quick links section. Once the quick links menu option has been selected, an unregistered user is required fill out the personal credentials in each field and complete the registration form. Once the unregistered user select the “Register” button an email will be sent to the registered username primary email address. Each user is required to validate the email account and will be required to store and secure the associated password. If a Buyer or Seller already has an account, simply enter the username and password to gain access to the web platform. If a Buyer aspires to gain any additional information about a particular property/asset in addition to the listing details, the Buyer would contact the Business Development manager at

Submit a Listing – See Negotiated Transactions / Pricing
Once a Seller has registered and logged into, the Seller selects “Submit a Listing”, located in the header menu of the web platform. Sellers provide all of the pertinent summary information associated with the asset, using the Submit Property data collection form. When all information has been provided, the Seller would select the Submit button located at the bottom of the “Submit a Listing” page. After a property/asset has been submitted, a Business Development representative from Oil and Gas Postings will reach out to the Seller to obtain additional detailed material (e.g. maps, photos, accounting and engineering data, etc.) about the listed property/asset. Once all information is received, the Oil and Gas Postings prospect/asset will be verified, accepted, and published on the web platform. Note: The timeframe to publish is typically one business day.

Search the Postings Database with Filters
Registered Buyers (and Sellers) can easily find exactly which property/asset they are interested in on by using an open form search function and filters. These include: Keywords, Property ID, County/Parish, Formation, Depth Range, State/Province, Property Status and Property Type. When the search/filter criteria is defined, the properties which match the description will be displayed. Buyer will have the ability to click on a property to view “More Details” about the property/asset. The “More Details” section allows users (Buyers/Sellers) to see the property ID, additional information for each asset, and any attachments, maps, reports, etc., that have been included and provide by the Seller.

Automated Seismic Line Drawings
If the Seller owns and has the right to distribute geophysical data (2D/3D seismic data) related to the property that has been posted, Oil and Gas Postings will provide an automated seismic line drawing for each prospective client. The automated seismic line drawing will provide the prospective Buyers/Sellers with an additional automated graphical representation of your geophysical data in in time displaying the inlines and crosslines. Both the Buyer/Seller will have access to the automated seismic line drawing on web platform. The file will be secure so that only the parties involved in the private transaction will be able to view the line drawing. Each party will have access to download the file from the web platform. We recognize this data may be in a variety storage or files types, so please contact your Business Development representative for more information about how to obtain the visualization.

Multi-State/County Listings
If you have a single listings which span several states, counties/parishes, contact an Oil and Gas Postings Business Development representative. Your Business Development representative will gather and publish your property/asset for you on the web platform.

Software Applications and Plug-Ins
Please visit the “Learn More” page to find detailed information as it relates to our proprietary software applications and plug-ins.

G&G Services
Please visit the “Learn More” page to find detailed information as it relates to our geological and geophysical services.