Capital Solutions

Capital Solutions

We work with financial services firms that provides financial advocacy to the small business community throughout the US and Canada. Through a national network of partners and affiliates, we provide capital acquisition and other CFO services that allow small businesses to access capital and secure the financial flexibility needed to thrive and grow.

Our Financial Group provides:
Capital acquisition, including conventional, SBA, O&G, and alternative funding options;
Outsourced small business CFO services; and,
Other working and investment capital solutions
You can’t execute your vision for your business if you don’t have the financial resources needed to implement it: this is a simple truth for every business owner across every industry. It takes capital to transform vision into reality, and in most cases, the bank across the street from you may not be your best option. In fact, given the strict nature of bank lending over the past decade, it may not be an option at all.

Most small- and medium-sized organizations struggle to secure funding needed for acquisition, growth or working capital needs. Small business owners and managers are focused on the day-to-day challenges of running their business, and it can be very difficult and time-consuming to survey a vast array of lending options to identify one that can actually be secured.

While every vision will not be suitable for every lender, there is usually a lending partner somewhere that is the right fit for that vision. And it is the role of our Financial Group to connect you with a lender or investor that will allow you to move forward and take action.

We are not a direct lender but an advisor and advocate to the small- and medium-sized business community:

• We will promote and guide you throughout the lending process to secure the financial strength and flexibility you need to achieve your goals.

• Our firm brings guidance, focus and financial leverage to our clients by leading them through a lending maze that can be very difficult and frustrating to navigate without direction.

• We operate under a strict code of ethics in developing and implementing what we feel is the best financing solution for each and every client.

• And most critically, through a national network of lenders, investors and other financial partners, We aim to put cash into our clients’ hands so they can implement their visions and realize their dreams.

We can provide you with financial solutions that allow you the freedom to run your business. The freedom to move forward. The freedom to grow. And the freedom to thrive.