EBT Surveys

EBT is interested in learning how we can support your oil and gas acquisition, divestiture, and exploration activities.  Our goal is to excel at providing our clients a cost effective method of discovering hydrocarbon resources through the implementation of our Microbial Exploration Technology, or MET process.  By utilizing the MET Process you can get a global view of your lease, prospect, or lease acquisition target with rapid and accurate results.  Typically results are delivered within one month of the onset of the MET survey.  For over 20 years EBT has served the oil and gas industry by providing MET surveys around the world by completing over 17 million acres of MET survey coverage, in 13 countries, for over 30 clients with measurable drilling results that has generated valuable data and added significant economic value to our client’s activities.  World-wide the MET process has over a 90% dry-hole prediction rate and over 80% successful completion rate for recommended wells world-wide.  For acquisition and divestiture the MET Process can add value to both buyers and sellers by identifying the potential for hydrocarbons on a parcel before and after the lease or sale of a parcel.  MET Survey’s leave little or no impact upon the survey area and does not require any permitting beyond land access agreements.  To learn more about EBT, the MET Process, or how EBT can save you money on lease acquisition, divestiture, and exploration costs visit www.oilandgaspostings.com or call us at 720-883-2467. Thanks.