“Pricing structure simple. Payment made easy.”

We have (2) pricing plans for customers who wish to post an oil and gas properties or related assets. Please review the pricing structure below and follow the detailed instructions for registration and subscriptions.
Free Subscription
All Registered clients will have access and the ability to perform the following;

  • Registered clients will have exclusive access to the site, in general
  • Display of a unique client profile which allows the user to update and make changes to their client profile
  • Receive marketing campaign emails sent from Oil and Gas Postings for notification of new deals once they have been added to the web platform
  • Access to view our News Page
    • o All of the news and information you need, in one single place.
  • Resources Page
    • o View our events, blogs, FAQs and strategic partner videos, etc.

Bulletin Board – Our Bulletin Board is the place where our registered users post oil and gas properties and assets which potentially may be limited in data, supporting details, etc. Let’s face it not every deal requires the rigor that other larger transactions may require. Transactions posted on this page will be managed by each user including the property status (e.g. active/inactive) and all pertinent transaction details. Bulletin Board transactions are “as-is” and rarely consist of the type of rigor many projects take on during the course of the transaction closing process.

Registered users have the ability to post requests for equipment and service companies as well. If you are looking for a drilling partner or have a unique oil and gas investment opportunity then this is the place for you.

Bulletin Board
$50/month – Unlimited Posts, per user, per month. Post all oil and gas properties and related assets to our Bulletin Board. This includes the following;

  • Distressed Assets
  • Drilling Partner Requests
  • Equipment
  • Investment Opportunity
  • Land / Leases
  • Mineral Rights
  • Mixed – Production and Non-Production
  • Producing Properties
  • Royalties / Overrides
  • Oil and Gas Equipment
  • Service Companies

Negotiated Transactions
$100/month. We have a developed a simple, yet clear process for all of our professionals opportunistic investors to be able to consolidated the oil and gas property and acquisitions transaction negotiation process.

Negotiated TransactionsOur negotiated transactions is the place to submit oil and gas properties and assets which are rich in data, engineering and geological details and frankly have a higher price point. All transactions submitted in this portal will be managed, marketed and featured with our investor community and delivered in our investment summary packages. The negotiated transaction portal is our premium services which includes;

For our exclusive customers we will provide all the functionality which is included for a “Registered” customers including the features listed below;

  • Executive Summary which includes the following; and not limited to the;
    • Transaction Process
    • Overview
    • Opportunity Highlights
    • Drilling Plans
    • Geology
    • Land and Acreage
    • Production
    • Engineering
    • Access to all supporting client materials – original documents
    • Maps (Location, Isopach, etc.)
  • Access to all Supporting Details of each property/asset
    • Subscribers at this level will have access to all supporting details associated with each property/asset including and not limited to; well logs, maps, independent evaluations, lease operating expenses, AFE, permit data, check stubs, division orders, etc.
  • Newsletters
    • Newsletters with focused content on the upstream oil and gas markets, A&D community and much more.
  • Access to Seller Information and Buyer Information
    • Why wait? Contact the Buyer and Seller directly. No need to inbox cryptic message. Pick up the phone and call or direct email. (e.g. email, contact name and direct phone number)
  • Confidentiality Agreement – Automated Signatory Workflow
    • Subscribers will be required to sign all agreements. Upon doing so client will be allowed to view all necessary pertinent details associated with each property/asset.
  • Marketing Channels / Non-Exclusive – Limited Advertising of High Asset Characteristics
    • You are free to market any submitted property/asset with us as well as market this asset with another listing service. We do not expect an exclusive posting agreement with our customers. Please keep us in the loop should your property/asset be sold so that we can update our inventory.
  • Access to Secure Data Rooms, if available
    • We offer secure physical data rooms for your A&D due diligence. There is no long term contract or commitment. Please contact us for additional details at admin@oilandgaspostings.com.
  • Automated Seismic Line Drawings
    • Customers who have the authorization to distribute multi-client geophysical data will receive an automated seismic line drawing (“movie”) which displays inlines and crosslines over time. The “movie” has been developed by utilizing proprietary algorithms developed “in house”. For more information on processing and interpretations please contact us atadmin@oilandgaspostings.com
  • Access to processing and interpretations of geophysical data used for the seismic line drawings
    • Geological & Geophysical Services – We offer the highest quality geological, geochemical, geophysical and geotechnical services. We perform a vast array of these services to upstream super majors to independents. For more information about our geo-services, software applications and plug-ins, please visit the “Learn More” page under “About Us” for more information.
  • Demo of (Strategic Partner) Software Applications/Plug-Ins
    • We offer superior technologies applications and plug-ins including high resolution spectral decomposition, unique direct hydrocarbon indicator technique, thin layer resolver tool, high resolution fault delineation method and real-time data visualization. For more information about our geological and geophysical services and software applications, please visit the “Learn More” page of contact us for more information
  • Data Management of Geophysical Data
    • Our cloud based secure storage will support your robust data needs. Our data management team provides storage of geophysical data securely and in the most robust standards available. For additional information in regards to storage, our capabilities and compliance standards please email us at admin@oilandgaspostings.com.
  • Feature a Property
    • We will feature your property/asset which will be displayed on the Home Page and on the Property Search page in a dedicated position to highlight your deal which will be notably visible to all users.
  • Customer Service
    • Access to our dedicated support staff to help answer your questions, provide market advice and guide you through the transaction closing process.
  • Active Marketing and Management
    • Experienced Staff – Our staff and preferred partners have unparalleled experience in the energy industry. Our executive management team has experience has provided a broad range of services in all facets of the oil and gas industry. Our strategic advisory, tactical consulting services and technical applications far supersede the competition.  Experience the difference.
  • Recommendations for Capital/Financing, if required
    • We offer two different structures of financing to our customers with producing properties/assets. 1) Traditional and 2) Alternative – Volumetric Production Payments (VPP). For more information and interpretations please email us atadmin@oilandgaspostings.com.
  • Fast Closing Process – We understand time is of the essence. We will work diligently to get your property/asset sold. We work under tight deadlines and have experienced professionals which perform each of the transaction closing process effectively and efficiently.