Software Applications and Plug-Ins

A healthy habit of life and perseverance is technology.

Oil and Gas Postings offers geophysical software applications and plug-ins from our Strategic Alliance Partners. Our position is that we’ve selected the best so why not share this with others in our niche-based user community. We always believe that working together is the best strategy, and effective cooperation and collaboration is key. The following services listed below are our current offerings. If you would like to know more about our technical applications and plug-ins please send us an email at

At Oil and Gas Postings, we add another dimension to your acquisition and divestiture experience. We’ve developed a web platform where everyone can participate in the purchase and sales of oil and gas properties/assets.

With Oil and Gas Postings, the fundamental idea is to deliver a uniquely simple yet comprehensive oil and gas investment experience for everyone, anytime and anywhere. Paired with our high performance geological and geophysical solutions and refined tools, we are committed to offering solid investment information which provides our clients with a competitive edge in the A&D strategy before making an speculative decision. We believe in helping our clients make the right decision quickly by being more efficient and well-informed.

Below, you will find information to our geological and geophysical services and tools for our proactive clients, including high resolution spectral decomposition, unique direct hydrocarbon indicator technique, thin layer resolver tool, high resolution fault delineation method, and real-time data visualization.
High Resolution Spectral Decomposition Module
We can help our clients unlock the resolution inherent in their seismic data with the industry’s most advanced spectral decomposition package: ProspectraTM suite.

Changes in bed thickness, pore-fluid content and stratigraphic character below the nominal resolution of seismic data can be manifested in subtle changes in the frequency content of the seismic signal. In the ProspectraTM basic module, SpecDecompTM helps our clients to reveal hidden stratigraphic and structural details using four leading spectral decomposition methods. It can deliver flexible outputs including frequency cubes, frequency/temporal gathers, RGB sections and maps.
Unique Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator Tool
BandstackTM is a unique tool that has proven to be an excellent Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator (DHI). We use Bandstack™ to enhance specific seismic features (e.g. channels). It allows the time varying stacking parameters to be interactively picked on frequency gathers so as to surgically isolate responses of interest. As different earth layers exhibit constructive interference in differing frequency bands, this is an excellent means of recognizing anomalous frequency responses. Also, with our PhaseDecompTM, phase filtered attribute data shows highly anomalous bright spots more readily interpreted in terms of hydrocarbon content. Phase filtering using PhaseDecompTM shows a large amplitude anomaly that is very subtle on the original data.
Hydrocarbon Thin Layer Resolver
As hydrocarbon exploration pushes into marginal areas, thin layers are very common. Seismic reflection amplitude is an important indicator of the presence or absence of hydrocarbons in a reservoir layer and hence related to net pay. When there are two or more closely spaced layers, they often create interferences. With ExtendTM it helps our clients to resolve thin layers and remove tuning effects from direct hydrocarbon indicators by extending the seismic bandwidth. We can help our clients not only to detect thin layers but also define the thin layer boundaries.
Vertical and Lateral High-Resolution Fault and Fracture Delineation Tool
The delineation of faults and fracture networks plays an important role in understanding subsurface structural properties and ultimately aids in identifying hydrocarbon traps. With FaultDetectTM, we offer our clients to produce high quality images of the fault and fracture system. FaultDetectTM contains an extensive set of tools for data conditioning, production of high resolution structural attributes, fault extraction and several fault attributes that will make fault interpretation easier and more accurate.
Real-Time and Accurate Visualization
Managing information at your fingertips is an advantage, but we want to avoid having our customers inundated with unnecessary information. When utilizing our products and services, all the relevant data is brought to your monitor on the controlled-access web platform to enable quick and accurate visualization. We don’t want our clients to spend unnecessary time on finding the information that they need to make a decision. We strive to help our clients to develop deeper insights with the geological and geophysical data we provide. We also want our clients to beat the competition by providing them with the most up-to-date production data, well history, and seismic information.
Unparallel Quantitative Interpretation Tool
Our quantitative interpretation is powered by the most interactive commercially available reservoir geophysics tool, QITM. Our software allows the user to have easy access to state-of-the-art seismic quantitative analysis tools, ranging from data conditioning to elastic and or reservoir properties prediction. Our sparse layer inversion algorithm helps our clients to create improved vertical resolution sections and perform high resolution elastic and reservoir attributes calculation. Furthermore, our software provides the user with an efficient navigation platform across data volumes including features such as vertical section visualization (inlines, crosslines and arbitrary lines), user-data interaction, and well-log analysis among many others.