Oil and Gas Investments

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Why invest in oil and gas?

Oil and gas has been proven to show its versatility in its usage from a source of heating to lubricant. Because of this, oil and gas provides some huge investment opportunities.  The oil and gas marketplace offers tax advantages for sophisticated or small investors.  For wealthy investors, intangible drilling costs is 100% deductible regardless if the drilled wells hits oil or not. As for investors who produce less than 500,000 barrels oil per day, an incentive called “depletion allowance” excludes from taxation 15% of all gross income. When timed right, the profits earned from the oil and gas investment can be enormous.

Types of oil and gas investments

Oil and gas investment opportunities come in various forms.  These opportunities cover exploration, development and services.  One can purchase or lease properties to invest in a drilling program.  This is suitable to one who is interested in a high risk project.  Investors can also start a drilling campaign in areas that have shown proven reserves.  This effort can have an enhanced oil recovery that was not tapped before.  This type of investment is less risky.

Investors also have an opportunity to lease or purchase lands over proven oil and gas reserves.

Oil and gas development projects require support and services ranging from logistics, infrastructure, geological and engineering.

Other ways to invest:

1-      Oil company stocks – Purchase oil and gas company stocks which are publicly traded. Low risk with low return

2-      Independent oil and gas companies – Direct involvement in oil and gas development projects or drilling campaign. High degree risk but high rate of return.

3-      Trading commodities – high degree of risk

4-      Mutual funds – Buy shares in oil and gas portfolio mutual funds.  Not direct and low risk

The oil and gas marketplace provides a safe alternative investment by providing tax incentives. Also, investing in oil and gas can provide a high yield return.

How to start investing

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